Asus Maximus 7 Ranger Motherboard Review

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The Verdict:

Finally an ROG maximus board that gamers can really afford. I really appreciate asus trying to cater to this market with their premium line of boards. The board has a lot going for it even though asus had to cut down on a few features. I think they made the right trade-offs to bring the board to its current price point. The black mat finish looks awesome and the back red theme just never gets old. For a price of around $150 or ~Rs14,000 (could not source it in india though, taking a guess) its a decent buy. If it is available for a tab bit cheaper (~Rs12k ish) it would be just amazing. I’ll give it an 8.5/10, its a great board for gamers, its got the right balance between performance, looks and expandability.


  • Good performance and overclocking
  • Great looks
  • M.2 port
  • Lots of features for gamers


  • Not pure 8ph power delivery (not a real biggie)
  • No Sata Express

Feel free to point out mistakes/feedback !


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