Asus Maximus 7 Ranger Motherboard Review


Since their inception, the Asus ROG (Republic Of Gaming) series has been every gamer dream. They have got the ultimate performance, features and a unique sense of style, which worked well with the PC enthusiast and game markets, but often was just too expensive for most. This time, Asus decided that they would bring out a board for those fans as well, called the Ranger. Its the newest addition to Asus’s ROG series of motherboards after the Hero and is their most affordable yet. So lets take a look at this new board and see if it still has all of the ROG DNA in it.

Before we start off with the review, lets take a quick look at some of the main features of this motherboard:

  • Support for 4th and 5th Gen Intel Core processors
  • 8+2 phase power
  • Intel Z97 chipset with M.2 support
  • SupremeFX 2014 Audio
  • Asus’s Radar II utility
  • Asus’s KeyBot technology
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