Asus Maximus 7 Ranger Motherboard Review

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Bundled Software

Now lets take a look at the bundled software. First up, we will take a look at the AISuit III, which basically is a collection of various utilities. They include:

  • Dual Intelligent Processors 5 Utility
  • USB 3.0 Boost
  • EZ Update
  • USB Bios Flashback
  • USB Charger+
  • System Information
  • Push Notice



Out of these, ill be mainly talking about the Dual Intelligent Processors 5 utility. The utility comes with a lot of options from overclocking to power saving.

In the TPU section we can find various overclocking options. Some people might prefer to overclock from the OS instead of the BIOS, so its very much do-able as there are plenty of options to play around with.



In the Fan Xpert section you get various fan speed tuning options for you to get the right air flow in your system without making the system too noisy


Next up is the Digi+ VRM section which lets you tweak the various VRM parameters. I think the options provided are are sufficient and users are abstracted enough, so as to make this utility useful and not too confusing.


Now lets move over to the EPUsection. Here we have some power saving/profiling options. For most user, this is great because there are times when you switch between performance modes, after long hours of gaming, when you need the power, if you want to put you system up for some over night downloading, the quick switch to a power saving mode is very helpful.




Moving on, now for some “gamer” oriented features. The Sonic Radar II utility basically gives you a visual aid to map the audio activity in a game. What this essentially means is, that it will point out the direct in which the sound is coming from. This might feel gimmicky and useless to real gamers, but its a pretty fun tool to play with. In this tool, you can also profile what sounds you want to track (gun shots, bomb ticker, etc) on a per app basis. So for a quick test, I ran this really old game we all have played in some point in our life…… Counter Strike 1.6 (my apologies, new system and internet had crosses its FUP). It worked okay, but consider its such an old game, I am sure it will work better in newer games like BF4 and COD.





Another gamer oriented feature of this board, the KeyBot gives you the ability to program macros on any normal keyboard, much like what you would do on a gaming keyboard. All you have to do is use the allotted USB port for the keyboard, press the keybot button on the board to activate it and then use the KeyBot software to program your macros ! Sweet!



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