Zotac Tegra Note 7 Tablet Review

[section_title title=P7: Performance and Benchmarking Contd.]

Performance and Benchmarking (Synthetic Benchmarks)

Antutu Benchmark

One of the most popular benchmark for android, Antutu tests almost all parts of the system, CPU, RAM, GPU, I/O and more to give you a good idea about the overall performance and capability of the device. The Tegra Note is right up there with the latest of devices.

Result :

Zotac Tegra Note 7: 33850



3D Mark: Ice Storm Unlimited

The 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited is a test that really stresses the graphics department and the test is now treated as a standard. You can see what Nvidia has been talking about, they do very well in this test.


Zotac Nvidia Tegra 7: 16203




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