Zotac Tegra Note 7 Tablet Review

[section_title title=P6: Performance and Benchmarking Contd.]

Performance and Benchmarking (Synthetic Benchmarks)

These tests try to quantify the performance, should give you some kind idea where the tablet stands compared to other devices.

 BrowserMark 2.1:

Its a browser based benchmark that is used to test the performance of your browser in various aspects like 2D/3D graphics performance, number crunching performance and so on. This does vary across browsers, but do show the performance of the underlying hardware as well. I used the latest version of google chrome for this test.

Result :

Zotac Tegra Tab 7 – 1575

tegra-7-browsermark (2)


Google Octane v2:

Another browser based benchmark from google, it has a collection of tests that test the javascript performance of the system. This test is slightly more CPU bound. The Tegra Note 7 did an impressive job in this benchmark as well.

Results :

Zotac Tegra Tab 7 – 5392


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