Veedee UG802 mini Android PC Review

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The Verdict :


This was the first time I had used an android device like this and was amazed to see what I could get for such a low price. Its strength lies in getting internet connectivity to your TV, so browsing, watching internet TV is just great. As for watching movies, it really misses a USB port, but it is fully capable of playing your HD content. Ill give this a 8.5/10, really enjoyed using this device with pretty much everything great, only missing a full sized USB port for easy content sharing.


Measy RC12 Air Mouse and Keyboard : Having a device like this really adds to the HTPC experience, but this exact device is not what I would recommend. The keys did not feel well built and the touch pad was placed too deep which was irritating. At Rs 1600, its not too cheap and I would suggest something like the Logitech K400 over it. I would give it an 5/10.


veedee ug802


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