Veedee UG802 mini Android PC Review

[section_title title=P5 : The Surprise : Measy RC12]

The Measy RC12 wireless keyboard :

So the guys at Veedee decided to throw in a surprise and sent the Measy RC12 wireless keyboard as well. Its a remote sized keyboard with a touch pad, which makes it much easier to operate the UG802 while sitting on your couch. Here are some images of the keyboard :


measr rc12_1

measy rc12_4

measy rc12_2

measy rc12_3

So you simple plug in the receiver and put some (3) AAA sized batteries in the keyboard and your done. The keys don’t feel great though, it gives me the feel of some really old remotes, slightly on the cheap side. The space key specially, just did not feel right. The touch was much better. It was more or less accurate and the pickup was fine. Only issue was because of the design. The touchpad is a bit inside the top of the remote, which is slightly irritating. They should have reduced the depth or made it completely in level with the rest of the body.



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