Veedee UG802 mini Android PC Review

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Performance and Features :


I have already listed out the specifications of this device and from that itself, you can see that it is a fairly capable device.

I have often posted results of some synthetic benchmarks to show what the performance of a device is like, but now I really feel that people who really want to know about a device, don’t really care about the synthetic benchmark specially if its a low end/ budget device. Its all about the final feel and usability. So without much delay, ill jump into it.

Music and Video :

With a dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM, it should be able to play 1080p movies without a hitch. I say should because I could not test 1080p movies as I did not have any. Anyway, I did test movies at 720p and they ran fine without any issues. I had no issues in play flac audio files as well. Overall, its perfectly capable of playing any audio/video file that you throw at it. But it is here that you really miss an extra USB port for expansion. I found it rather hard to transfer files into a micro SD card and its not like you phone since you cant connect it to your PC.

Video Streaming – In the manual I read about this feature which allows you to stream video files from your desktop/laptop over wifi. The device came with a media centre app that had this capability, but I could not get it to work. I tried it with other apps as well (es file explorer) but I did not find my network again. If you can get this to work, it would really make it a complete media centre solution, but you will mostly be able to stream 720p movies at best.

Games :

I did try out some games on this device. But even with the limited testing I did, I figured its not really good for gaming. This is not because of the device itself. I can play some good looking games but the issues is the controls. The Measy remote(see the next page to check it out) I had was not really friendly, so if you can get a better input device, it might be more fun to game on this device.

Browsing :

Browsing was a very simple and enjoyable on the big screen. Watched some live streaming (ad free F1!) on the TV. The measy keyboard was fine when it came to browsing, but the touch pad could have been slightly better.

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