Veedee UG802 mini Android PC Review

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Introduction :


These days all our devices are becoming smarter and smarter. Earlier this was restricted to just PCs, but now tablets and Mobiles phones have really taken over. Even Smart TVs are getting ever popular. Today we have a little device that can convert your not-so-smart LCD/LED TV into a smart TV!

The Veedee UG802 is a mini Android PC that you can easily hook up to your TV/Monitor via an HDMI port. It pretty much brings all the goodness of a smart phone on to your TV. Things like streaming online video, movies, pictures, browsing ,etc are made possible on your good old TV. I had read/seen a lot of these devices earlier in some foreign online stores, so as soon as I saw it on, I just had to get one.

Veedee UG802

So lets take a look at how the device really is….

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