Best smartphones under Rs 15,000

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Introduction :

These days smartphones have become a very important part of our liveswithout which not you nor I can survive. With most people looking to buy a smart phone for around Rs15,000 and with so many phones out there in the market, it really made sense to look into this market and see what are the phones that are best in this range. For Rs 15,000 you get a choice of either taking a Android phone or an  Windows Phone or maybe an dead platform like Blackberry OS. Most phones in this budget offer a screen size of 3″ to a massive 4.8/5″( From cheaper Chinese or Indian brands).If you want a good phone in 15,000 budget, I really suggest you eye on Homeshop 18 supper deals.As these days it’s really hard to get a “good” phone from a reputed brand(Sony, Samsung) under Rs15000.

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