Sony MDR-EX220LP earphone Review

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Sound Quality





Sony MDR-EX220LP is consists of 13.5 Neodymium driver, its 1.5 times bigger by most of the IEM. The bigger the driver the sound gets better and bass and treble gets deeper. About the connector it got   3.5mm gold  plated , its helps in  producing better sound quality.  About the sound quality here’s my verdict.

  • The sound quality is just amazing.
  • You could feel a difference by listening same song with this IEM, I mean you could able to hear instrument sound more clearly and able to distinguish it.
  • I am guy who loves bright and warm sound and so the sound quality is absolutely balanced.
  • The sound is just amazing! Unbelievable ! Although it needs certain time for it’s best performance( which is called burning point of the driver unit) but after that the sound will blow your mind away.
  • As said earlier the balance of treble and bass is just awesome! But if you are looking for a earphone with high bass output this might be not the right choice for you!
  • Treble : 8/10 ( Very good, middle and High, low is good)
  • Bass : 7/10 ( Bass is good , satisfied. Don’t like extra bass like EP630 , but I like this but   I feel that too much of bass can ruin the song, but that’s me.)
  • Loud : 9/10 ( You need not worry. Pretty good).
  • Clarity : 9.5/10 ( Beautiful sound, really. I verified with few songs like  Manja from Kai Po Che, John Denver’s Sweet Surrender  sounds awesome.)
  • Build : 9/10 ( Very sturdy feels like. But may be too early to comment. Wire is thin but good quality. You cant hear a thing from outside. Style is nice too.
  • Affordable as well. Available @ 1125 INR at Flipkart.

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  1. In my left earpiece the volume is a bit louder than my right one… why this is so? Is there any problem?


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