Sony MDR-EX220LP earphone Review

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It comes in  long plastic case . Pretty solid I would say to save it from damage while transit. Inside the box the IEM are placed securely with some plastic sheet below that extra ear buds and user manual  are there. Sony provided One earphone, 3 pairs of extra ear bud, manual and unique thing to tie the extra cord.



Build quality 


Build quality is extremely good and it is built like a tank, yes I mean it!  When it comes to quality and build Sony never compromise and its the best example of it. The IEM is made of made of hard plastic and the wire are tangle free. Its a big bonus as most of the IEM get kaput only because of intangible wire.

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  1. In my left earpiece the volume is a bit louder than my right one… why this is so? Is there any problem?


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