Sony MDR-EX220LP earphone Review

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Sony MDR-EX220LP In-the-ear phone


Sony is always renowned for its quality electronic products  whether its comes   LED TV, mobile phone or digital camera. And this time Sony does some splendid job with audio equipment as well . Yes,  I am talking about IEM.

Recently I bought  Sony MDR-EX220Lp (blue) IEM  for my LG Optimus L9 from Flipkart as the stock IEM is total crap.  Before further lets have a look at its specification.


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  1. Sandipan Chakraborty

    In my left earpiece the volume is a bit louder than my right one… why this is so? Is there any problem?

    • Akshay

      it might be that ur phone is not compatible with that earphone …..

  2. jigar

    Is there a chance that we r buying at only 499 n flipcart will send fake item?

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