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Asus GTX 760 DirectCU II OC Review

[section_title title=P1 : Introduction] Introduction : The last GeForce 700 card of the year, the GTX 760, is finally here. It comes at a good time and at a price which is much more affordable than the other 2 cards in

[BUG] Duplicate Copies of Songs and Photos in Lumia 720/Windows 8

And another one.. equally irritating. I now see multiple copies copies of photos and songs on the phone. Every time I plug my phone to the PC, the number of copies still increase. I tried formatting the SD card, it did

Nokia Lumia Volume Key Issue

So its been more than a month now that I have this issue, that all of a sudden, the volume down arrow key stopped working. I tried searching a bit on the internet is others are facing the same issue and

[PR]Cooler Master Launches it’s New Gaming Keyboard & Mouse Combo: The Devastator!!

  Mumbai, India – 22nd October 2013 – Cooler Master, the industry’s leading provider of Gaming gear, high-end chassis, thermal solutions and mobile accessories today announces the launch of its exciting new gaming keyboard and mouse combo, The Devastator! Consisting of

Veedee UG802 mini Android PC Review

[section_title title=P1 : Introduction] Introduction :   These days all our devices are becoming smarter and smarter. Earlier this was restricted to just PCs, but now tablets and Mobiles phones have really taken over. Even Smart TVs are getting ever popular.