Nokia Lumia Volume Key Issue

So its been more than a month now that I have this issue, that all of a sudden, the volume down arrow key stopped working. I tried searching a bit on the internet is others are facing the same issue and indeed, there were many like me.

I found only one thread in Nokia support forums on this issue where they speculated that it was a software issue. One rep from Nokia also said that it was due to an update with their music app and he recommended that we uninstall it and update to Amber. While this worked for some, it did not work for all (including me).

Others took it to Nokia care when they had a terrible time, in trying their hand to fix it, they made it even worse. For one user, the phone mic got busted and was not able to make calls, worse still, he did not get a replacement. For others, they changed some membrane below the volume rocker and that seems to have done the trick.

As of now, I still suffer from the issue and its really getting on my nerve, not sure if I should take it to Nokia care or wait for some software update. If you guys have faced the same issue or got any suggestions, please do post them below.



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  1. Today I faced the same issue and I was searching through the google and some one mentioned in nokia support forum that this may be due to SD card. AS other other option are reset/ go to the nokia care. So, i just tried with removing the SD card ( make sure you turn off your mobile) and now it start working. So. my suggestion will be if you have external SD card, then try this step atleast once before you go for reset or nokia care. now my Lumia 720 volumn control is working as expected. Best of luck .. Robin Delhi


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