Nokia Lumia 510 Review : Windows Phone on a budget

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The Verdict :

The Nokia Lumia 510 is the affordable Windows Phone from Nokia. I cant say its a perfect phone because it lacks at some areas, but its not as bad as it might initially look. At this price point, its really about the compromises that you got to make and I feel that the Lumia 510 does a decent job here. It gives you a full smart phone experience with a nice large 4″ screen and the Windows OS. The general performance is good and the phone seems quite responsive despite the low hardware spec. Where it does lose out is VGA video recording, which is way below par these days and limited storage. But where it loses out the most in my opinion is the limited app compatibility due to just 256MB of RAM. It would have been a good option if it were launched along with the other lumia devices, but i think it was a bit too late coming into the market. None the less, its a decent option for a not so hardcore user, so if you are planning to gift one to you dad, it a good choice. Ill rate this phone 7/10 for providing a good user experience at a low cost, but it does have its setbacks. If you go to buy a new phone today, the lumia 510 has been replaced by its successor – Lumia 520, which seems to be a far better package at the same price.


The Successor : Nokia Lumia 520


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