Nokia Lumia 510 Review : Windows Phone on a budget

[section_title title=P5 : Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive]

Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive

Nokia Maps and Nokia Drive are Nokia’s own mapping and voice navigated GPS solutions. Its been on nokia phones for a while now and are among the best in the market. Nokia Maps are pretty accurate and I have often used them to find the way. They also come with a view where you can see traffic conditions on various roads. I found them to be pretty accurate in the testing I had done and found it to be pretty useful while planning a route.



Nokia Drive app is their free voice navigated gps app, it now works in the offline mode, so you don’t need to be connected to the internet for the use of  the app. It however is better if you have a data connection. You need to download maps before hand, I would suggest you use wifi as they can be pretty heavy (100’s of MB) for a country. Right now, you can download maps for any country, but it may change in the near future. Their newer HERE maps are restricted to one country only.


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