Nokia Lumia 510 Review : Windows Phone on a budget

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Display and Performance:

The Display :

The display on the Lumia 510 is nothing special. Its a 4″ ‘normal’ LCD  capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 480×800 pixel. Since its a budget device, you should not compare it to other phones with an IPS, AMOLED or even Nokia’s Clear black display. The screen is fairly reflective and is sort of a fingerprint magnet as well. Its a 65k color screen which is a real bummer, the contrasts are fairly ordinary and outdoor usability is ordinary. On bright sunny days, you might have slight difficulty in using the phone. At this budget, I don’t think Nokia could afford to put an AMOLED or a CBD display. For most users though, it should be okay.

Performance :

General use

Now the main reason I wanted to get a hands on the device is to see how the Windows OS is on a phone with just 256MB of RAM. With all the Android phones out there, with most of them having 512MB of RAM, its easy to assume that with just 256MB of RAM, the phone with be very sluggish and perform poorly – but thats not the case. The Nokia Lumia 510 feels really fluid and smooth when it comes to general use. There is real lag  or any signs that this smart phone runs on such little RAM.


The phone performs well in this department as well. Pages are fairly quick to load, which is the case in most windows phones. However, things get a bit slow when you have multiple tabs opened at the same time. All in all, it might not be the fastest if you compare benchmarks, but its definitely usable for anyone who is not too demanding.

Windows Marketplace

The Windows Phone marketplace has been steadily growing, with over 130k apps in the market now. Sadly, newer apps for windows 8 will not work on this device and having just 256MB of RAM, further restricts your options. There are some games and apps which require you to have 512MB RAM, so things like Skype – will NOT work on this device.

Gaming : I did try out some games that we on the windows market. First up was NFS Undercover, which ran pretty well, then I moved over to Asphault 5 which ran slightly stuttery (specially at the start of a race). The higher end games (such as Assasin’s creed)  cant be installed, so this is a bummer IMO.

Nokia Lumia 510 gaming

Battery Life

The phone comes equipped with a 1300mAh battery, which means that the phone battery will not last very long. With average use, which includes a couple of hour of calling, browsing using wifi and some music, the phone lasted about a day. So be prepared to charge your phone daily, which is the case with almost all smartphones these days.

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