Nokia Lumia 510 Review : Windows Phone on a budget

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Build and Design :


The Lumia 510 has a decent build quality, obviously not premium like the other high end Windows phones, but its quite good. Its got a complete plastic body with rounded edges which makes it easy to hold and the back has this rubbery finish, which makes the phone very easy to hold.

Nokia Lumia 510

The look of the phone is fairly ordinary, it kinda resembles to some older symbian phones by Nokia. In the front, you have a 4″ Capacitive screen, no gorilla glass here, nothing fancy. At the top of the screen you can see the earpiece and on its right there are some proximity sensors and auto brightness sensors(pretty well hidden). No front facing camera on this device, so no chance of video calling. At the bottom end of the screen, we have 3 capacitive touch buttons that are used for navigation. These do get illuminated and are very sensitive, at times I did accidentally press the back button, but its just about getting used to them being there, should be no issues.

 Nokia lumia 510 buttons

Nokia lumia 510 top

Nokia lumia 510 right

Nokia lumia 510 top

On the Top side of the phone, there is a 3.5mm jack for audio out, on the right you have the volume rocker, the power button and the camera shutter button.  At the bottom we have a micro USB input and the left side is pretty clean, no buttons, just a grove which you can use to remove the back cover. On the back we have the camera, its a 5MP snapper and as mentioned before, no flash and at the bottom we have the speaker grill.

Nokia lumia 510 back

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