Corsair RM850i Power Supply Review

Features and Specifications:

This power supply does pack a pretty decent number of features, features that you might not see in most other PSUs. So here is a quick run-down and my take on those features.


The unit is 80+ gold certified and uses all japanese capacitors. 80+ Gold certification essentially tells you its expected efficiency numbers. Its not the highest rating, you have platinum and titanium certifications as well, but you generally find that on higher power units, which needless to say, are much more expensive. To give you an idea on what these numbers are, here is a quick breakup:

Now some more interesting features.


Since the power supply has pretty good efficiency, little heat is generated on lower loads. This lets them turn off the fan completely on lower loads. This is pretty cool imo as most of the time when your PC is idling or say your watching movies, the fan will remain switched off. The PWM controlled fan spins up once the temperature is above 40C.

The 12v rail can be configured to work in either single or multi rail mode. Both modes have their own pros and cons, but for most users, both should be fine. By default though, the PSU works in multi rail mode.

Last but not least, the power supply comes with corsair link capability. This lets you connect your power supply to your motherboard via a USB 2.0 internal header. Once connected, you can now monitor power supply efficiency, power consumption, voltages, fan speed, etc. Pretty cool feature to have IMO.



Oh, I almost forgot to mention, its a fully modular.


Now lets take a quick look at the specifications: