Corsair RM850i Power Supply Review


Corsair has always been key player in the power supply market. Their products have generally been top notch in terms of both quality and innovation. I first heard of their quality with the VX450, which was known for its legendary quality. Corsair, like many others in this segment does not make PSUs themselves. They are manufactured by other companieswho specialize in this equipment, such as CWT, FPS, Seasonic to name a few. Having said that, most of corsair’s power supplies are not off-the-shelve re-brands. They often design the power supplies in house and get them manufactured by one of the guys mentioned earlier. This gives them much better control over the quality of the product and also allows them to come up with innovative features.


If you are looking for an in-depth review, sorry guys, I am a bit out of my league here. Your better off reading johny guru’s review of the same unit. If you don’t want to go through those numbers and just want some digested info, read on!