Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review

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The Verdict :

Like I said before, when Coolermaster initially gave me the stand, I really did know expect much, but i was really proven wrong. I used the laptop for a couple of months over at my workplace and immediately, the better posture really helped out. Its surprising how much a difference it can make. The USB hub provided is also useful. I just kept my keyboard and mouse hooked to the stand and all I had to do was place my laptop on the stand, hook up one USB and I was ready to start off with work. The performance too, was not too bad given the fans are almost completely silent. The stand I have is the 17″ version, which is slightly oversized if you use a 15″ or a 14″ laptop. The stand is available on flipkart for around¬†Rs2500 which puts it on the slightly expensive side but I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses a laptop for long duration. I would give this a 8/10¬†for its great design but slightly better performance in terms of cooling would have been desirable.

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