Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review

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 Cooler Master Notepal U Stand :

The stand has a nice and thick aluminium top, with a brush finish. The perforations are not only to allow airflow, it also allows the users to clip on the fans. The rubber strip is used to keep the laptop in place.The strip is removable and you can pretty much place it anywhere on the top surface. There are also 2 supports on the lower side, these are useful when you want to use the stand in upright position.

Notepal U stand front

Notepal u stand base

From the side you can see the mechanism to adjust the stand height. You get a total of 5 levels to choose from. In any of the upright positions, typing becomes kinda odd. You would want to use an external keyboard and mouse in such a case.

Notepal u stand left

The right side is the business end, where you have 3 USB ports, one mini USB port (input), one 9v DC power input, one on/off switch and the power LED.

Notepal u stand right

When the stand is flipped around, you see that CM has provided a guideline inside which you can place the fans if you want to use the stand in the full closed position. There is also a small port through which power is fed into the fans.

notepal u stand coolermaster

Notepal u stand back

Now the fans are removable for easy cleaning. The fans are enclose in a kind of a case which can be easily mounted on the stand by a press of a button. I don’t think the fans can be removed from this case, so you cant change these fans if you have to (correct me if I am wrong).

Notepal u stand fans

Notepal u stand fan_1

Notepal u stand fan_2

Notepal U stand closeup

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