Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review

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Introduction :


Cooler Master is known for their CPU coolers and Chassis, but has recently launched an array of Laptop cooling products. When cooler master told me about their laptop coolers, to be honest, I was not really excited. I knew that these are not going to be eye catching or high performance products, but I when I got them, I was proven wrong. I have 2 laptop coolers from Cooler Master, one is this, the Cooler Master Notepal U stand and the other is the Cooler Master Notepal Lap Air cooler.

The Notepal U stand is not just a laptop cooler, actually, its not a laptop cooler, its a laptop stand. Its a very neat and simple looking cooler that does the job. The Notepal U Stand gives you plenty of USB options, an adjustable support system and obviously additional cooling with 2 position adjustable 100mm fans.

notepal U stand

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