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Nokia Lumia Volume Key Issue

So its been more than a month now that I have this issue, that all of a sudden, the volume down arrow key stopped working. I tried searching a bit on the internet is others are facing the same issue and

Veedee UG802 mini Android PC Review

[section_title title=P1 : Introduction] Introduction :   These days all our devices are becoming smarter and smarter. Earlier this was restricted to just PCs, but now tablets and Mobiles phones have really taken over. Even Smart TVs are getting ever popular.

Nokia Lumia 928 Confirmed!

You must have heard of Nokia’s 808 pureview and wished your smartphone had it, now Nokia has confirmed it’s latest addition to it’s family, Lumia 928 which has a 8.7 mp pure view camera with Carl Zeiss optics along with Nokia’s own Optical Image Stabilization technology.

Sony MDR-EX220LP earphone Review

[section_title title=P1 : Introduction – Sony MDR-EX220LP] Sony MDR-EX220LP In-the-ear phone Sony is always renowned for its quality electronic products  whether its comes   LED TV, mobile phone or digital camera. And this time Sony does some splendid job with audio

Nokia Lumia 510 Review : Windows Phone on a budget

[section_title title=P1 : Introduction] Introduction :   The Nokia Lumia 510 was the smart phone maker’s attempt to pull in the budget consumer and give him the Windows Phone experience. In this segment, we have a lot of Android devices from

Best smartphones under Rs 15,000

Introduction : These days smartphones have become a very important part of our lives, without which not you nor I can survive. With most people looking to buy a smartphone for around Rs15,000 and with so many phones out there in the