Bitfenix Prodigy Cabinet Review

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Exterior Analysis :


Lets first take a look at the exterior of the Prodigy.  The front side of the Prodigy is a full mesh plastic with their metallic logo, even the shield of the 5.25″ bay is the same material. On the right side we have the IO panel, which comprises of 2 USB 3.0 ports, headphone and mic jacks, Power/Reset buttons and power/HDD lights. On the left side we have some venting holes that would really aid your graphics card cooling. On the top and bottom of the case we have the plastic handles with their special soft touch coating. On top, we also have space for 2 120mm fans and comes with a removable filter mesh, and yes, it can accommodate a 240mm radiator! On the front side you can mount a single 230/200/180/140mm fan or 2 120mm fans. On the rear you can have 1 140/120mm fan. So even on a small cabinet like this, you do have plenty of fan options to play with.





On the back we can get a hint of the working of the prodigy. The motherboard is mounted horizontally and you have 2 vented rear slots. This will allow the use of dual slot cards, so that should cover most of the cards in the market. The PSU bay is right at the bottom. You need to remove the face plate and then just slide the PSU in, a fairly simple process.


On a whole, the cabinet looks pretty good. Its slightly large compared to traditional mini ITX chassis, but that not a huge con in my book. The IO panel being on the right side can restrict your placement options and can be an issue for some. The handles on bottom make the cabinet a little wobbly which I really dislike, I hope bitfenix can make some changes and fix this issue in the next version.



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