Asus Zenfone 2 ZE551 ML Review – The Bad Parts


I got the phone from flipkart after waiting for long time. Asus created so much of  hype about the phone so after it got listed on the flipkart and it getting out of stock in a flash. Asus Zenfone 2 comes with phone, charger and usb cable, surprisingly no hands-free kit included, something I would want to have seen in a phone in the price range.


In this review I will highlight some issues about this phone, which are sadly, pretty serious. The issues that I will be discussing in this review are:

  • Camera Quality
  • Heating Issue
  • Gaming
  • Audio Playback
  • Video playback

Camera Quality:

Images produced are far too noisy and grainy, even when taken daylight and needless to say, in low light as well. I know you cannot get the quality like a high zoom cam or DSLR but neither like a Zenfone 2 cam. A Rs15,000 smart phone should be equipped with much better quality camera. As per as I know, the ZF2 comes with a Toshiba sensor which is not like a sony one. Anyway when you zoom in a photo, you will see something like a pastel colour drawing .
And the flash is to bright and yellowish in color. It overexpose the subject at great extend. Totally disappointed by the quality. Just have a look at it yourself:






Heating Issues:

Yes, you heard it right. This phone has heating issue. It occurs when you do normal work like browsing, watch a movie or playing a small game. I downloaded Bus simulator from play store and played for 15 minutes and the temperature goes up to 45*Celsius. Wow Intel and Asus great work done. Yeah flagship killer phone.



Not sure what’s wrong here, but downloading games like Asphalt 8 Airborne and GT racing 2 from google play store is impossible with some error 905. That error message was really helpful, thanks google! Uninstalling and Reinstall the apps too does not work.


Music Playback:

Music playback lagging when multitasking? Ever heard of that before? nop, not me at least! But this phone does. Music playback lags for 2-3 sec while opening a browser or a messenger. It is also worth noting, the sound quality is fairly average as well.

Video playback:

To my utter dismay, even the video playback has issues. The audio is out of sync and can only be rectified by selecting software mode in the MX player. Even while fast-forwarding videos, the image breaks for a few seconds.

The Verdict:

Overall, pretty disappointed  with this phone. Asus have got it completely wrong at so many different levels. Let me know if you guys face similar issues or any possible fixes for the same.


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