Asus STRIX GTX 980 OC 4GB Graphics Card Review

Overclocking :

So before we look at the benchmark results, lets see how this card overclocks. The overclocked results have been included so you can see what kind of real world gains are seen.


The overclocking results are pretty good. I hit 1299MHz (120MHz OC) on the core and 1850MHz (100MHz) on the memory. I did get higher overclocks, but the system would crash after a while during gaming. I did not play around with the voltage settings too much, but that could improve the overclocking on this card.

With these clocks, I saw roughly 10% gains, which is fairly good.



Temperatures and Noise :

Temperatures on this card were pretty good and stayed well within the safe region. I noticed, below 50c the fans stay switched off, which was the case most of the time while idling. During heavier workload, the fan sped up and starts getting audible at around 50% fan speed. At the highest temperature, the fan was at 60% when left at auto and there was a slight humming noise that was audible.


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