Asus STRIX GTX 980 OC 4GB Graphics Card Review

The Verdict:

Asus have done in good job in making Nvidia’s GPU even better. It was already fast and efficient, Asus has made it run cool, quiet and overclocker friendly. Though in my case overclocks were not very high (to be honest, I did not push it enough), you can take it higher. With the fan off mode, I think they have really made a good trade off between noise and temperatures. I would take no noise and 50c over some noise and 36c. You get a much better deal for the extra cost you pay over a stock GTX 980. You should consider this monitor if you are looking to game above 1080p (or a multi monitor setup) as clearly, in almost all benchmarks I did, it was a rather overkill. A GTX 970 is probably a better choice if you are looking to game at lower resolutions.


  • Good stock performance
  • Good power efficiency
  • Runs cool and quiet. 0dB mode is a great trade off
  • Ton of display options, triple monitor ready
  • Good features for overclockers


  • Not a huge overclock out of the box (none on the memory)
  • Fan is slightly audible at higher fan speeds (>60%)
  • Slightly difficult to put the power connectors

That being said, all the cons mentioned are fairly minor and not deal breakers in my book. Ill give the card a 9/10 and definitely recommended to anyone who is looking to buy a GTX 980.


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