Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 Motherboard Review

[section_title title=P2 : Package and Unboxing]

Package and Unboxing :

The board is packed in a fairly large box with the typical sabertooth branding and the TUF logo. Inside, there are 3 sections. On top you have the accessories such as the various slot covers and temperature sensors. 2


Below that, you actually got the board safely wrapped in an anti static bag. Under which, there is another section with thing like the back panel, 2 sata cables, the 2 fans for the thermal armor, an SLI bridge, a TUF branded sticker and the standard manual, driver disc, accessories installation guide and a certificate of reliability, which basically talks about all the high quality components. Unlike a lot of things I have reviewed, this board has a really high number of accessories included !


Above we see the package, but notice all those unusual accessories ? They are Dust defenders, which are basically to be used in unused slots so as to prevent dust build up and improve part life and temperatures.

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