Asus S1 LED Projector Review

Features and OSD menu

Lets take a quick look at all the OSD menu options on the asus S1.


  • Volume – Projector volume settings (range: 0-10).
  • Brightness – Projector image brightness (range: 0-10)
  • Contrast – Projector image contrast (range: 0-10)
  • Splendid – These are picture modes that differ when the projector is either on battery mode or when connected to the power outlet.
    When on battery, the options are:
    1. Battery Mode: Low power mode for longer battery life.
    2. Presentation Mode: Slightly higher brightness with an estimated lifespan of 90 minutes.
    When connected to the power outlet, the options are:
    1. Standard: For general purpose, default setting.
    2. Theater: Recommended for video purpose. Brightness was slightly reduced in this mode.
  • Aspect Ratio – Projector display aspect ratio (Options: Auto, 4:3, 16:9)
  • Projector Position – Lets you change the way the image is projected based on the location of your projector (Options: Front table, Rear ceiling, Front ceiling, Rear table).
  • Setup – Lets you switch OSD language and reset settings.
  • Information – Displays information such as projector name, firmware version, input device resolution and current input source.

Bonus Feature:

As already mentioned, the Asus S1 is not only a projector, but also doubles up as a power bank. Turns out, reading the manual has its benefits. Hidden away in the 50 pages of the manual is a fun feature that turns the projector into a flash light or even a emergency light signal(strobe). This can be done by repeatedly pressing the Splendid key when the projector is in battery.

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