Asus S1 LED Projector Review


Now lets take a look at how the projector actually performs. For the Asus S1, I will mainly be talking about the overall picture and sound quality.

Picture Quality

Lets first look at the brightness as I am sure this will be of primary concern for most. At 200 Lumens, you should not expect it to work well in outdoor or well lit conditions. The projector requires a dark or at least a dimly lit room. Now, it should be noted that the brightness is much lower when it is running on battery as compared to when it is plugged in, but it is still sufficient for a decent experience. I tried to capture the difference in brightness between the two modes. The ISO and exposure was kept constant while taking the photos.



Btw, that’s about a 100″ screen.

Next up are the colors. The colors are definitely not its strong suit. Images felt washed out, a lot of scenes in movies felt very ‘grey’ and is definitely noticeable by even those who are not very picky about it.

Finally, the last talking point is the resolution. The projector has a native resolution of 854×480 pixels, which is pretty low. It works fine for movies and presentations (w/o small text) but if you are trying to use it for some browsing or reading some small text, it does get a little difficult specially for larger projection sizes(~100 inches in my case).



Sound Quality

The projector has a 2W speaker, so not much to talk about here. It is better than most phones and laptop speakers and does a decent job if you are siting close and the room is not too large.

Battery Life

I did not do an exact battery burn test, but I did manage to watch a 2 hour 30 minute movie on the battery mode, which is pretty much in line with what asus claims and something that adds even more value to the projector.

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