Asus S1 LED Projector Review

A Closer Look

Like mentioned earlier, the projector itself is very small and highly portable. Its easy to carry along on a holiday or anywhere else. The projector has a very solid build and the metallic brush finish gives it a very premium look.

On the top we have 4 buttons for controlling the menu and its navigation. We also have 2 LEDs for power and a battery charging indicator.



In the front we have a shutter that protects the actual projector lenses from dust.



On the side we have a mechanism to adjust the projector focus. This is pretty much the only image adjust we can do, there is no zoom or keystone correction in this projector.


The other side mainly has some air vents.


Now looking at the rear, where all the ports are, we have an 3.5 mm headphone out, an HDMI port(in), a USB charging port, the power connector and the power switch.


On the underside we have a mounting point for tripods.



Overall I am very pleased with the design. It feels solid and very premium. Its extremely small and light, which makes it carrying it to work or on a holiday easy.

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