Asus S1 LED Projector Review


Who doesn’t like large screens? They are great for movies, games and at times even productivity. Projectors are nothing new, they have been around for decades, but were mostly limited to auditoriums and offices. One of the main reasons they did not go mainstream till recently is because of their initial cost, large size, expensive lamps and yeah, they ran hot.

Things are a lot different now. Projectors have gotten much smaller, cheaper and efficient. Projectors with LED lamps boast almost 30,000 hours of lamp life, which is plenty for an average user.

Today we will be taking a deeper look at the tiny, palm sized Asus S1 Projector, which is an entry level projector from Asus. Here are some of the features of the projector:

  • High Capacity Power Bank – 6000mAh built-in power bank
  • Easy Connectivity Via HDMI
  • LED Lamp with a life of 30,000 hours
  • Beautiful and Durable Design


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