Asus R9-290 DirectCu II OC Graphics Card Review

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Closer Look :

Taking a closer look at the card, The card looks very similar to many other Asus graphics cards, but one thing I realized immediately was this one is a heavy thing. Its much heavier than anything I have reviewed before, which can mainly attributed to the cooler. Its got 5 10mm thick direct contact heat pipes and an array of aluminium fins to dissipate that heat.





The card has 4GB of memory and here you can see that with 16 Elpdia memory chips (part no :  W2032BBBG-6A-F).



This sweet looking thing is the Digi+ VRM Asus was boasting about. It is a 8 phase power design for high quality/stable power delivery to the GPU even at high loads.



Asus has provided voltage pickup points so that you can directly measure various voltage parameters and you don’t need to rely on software or perform any mods during an OC session.



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