Asus R9-290 DirectCu II OC Graphics Card Review

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The Verdict :

From our tests we can see that the R9 290 does come close to the performance of the GTX 780. It might be slower, but is much cheaper too. I think it strikes a great balance between price and performance and I think in that aspect, it has the edge over the GTX 780/290X. Asus has done a good job and brought down the temperatures of this card to a much more comfortable value (down to mid 70s from 90s in stock cards). 4GB memory really helps if you are thinking of high resolution gaming (1440p and above) which I think is another strength over the GTX 780. Overall, I am really pleased with the Asus R9 290 DirectCu II and at a price of around Rs39,500, it is an expensive card but does have all the performance to back that price tag up. I’ll give it a solid 9/10¬†for a better balance between¬†price and performance.


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