Asus Maximus VII Gene Z97 Motherboard Review

The Verdict:

The Asus Maximus VII Gene is a great little motherboard, gives you all the features of a full ATX motherboard with a smaller footprint. With some really good mATX chassis coming into the market (I personally love the Corsair Carbide Air 240), this can be a really great companion. The board looks beautiful and performs well as well. The SupremeFX audio provides some good quality audio and I think most gamers would be satisfied with it. Overclocking wise, it does well, specially impressed by the performance of the EZ tunning. Given that the price of the board will probably be around the Rs17000 mark, it does feel a bit pricey, maybe actual market prices would be slightly lower. I think anything south of Rs 16,000 would make it a very good buy. Overall, I would like to give the board an 8/10 and highly recommended for someone which is looking for an mATX board for a high end gaming PC.


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