Asus Maximus VII Gene Z97 Motherboard Review

Auto and Manual overclocking

Now lets take a look at how the board overclocks. The CPU we got here is the Intel’s Core i7 4770k. Its a chip we have tester before, so I do know a little bit about its OCing potential.

I tried overclocking using the EZ tuning utility, which was a simple 4 step process to overclocking (covered in our BIOS section). The rest was pretty darn good and the final clock of almost 4487MHz, with a voltage of 1.295v  read off ProbeIt as the software readings were clearly messed up. I think the same can be achieved with slightly lower voltages (~1.285v) but still pretty good for an auto OC.


When overclocking manually, I was able to get the chip up to 4800MHz, with a 48x multiplier. The voltage was set to 1.29v but was reported slightly higher at 1.30v even with various LLC settings, under load. That is quite acceptable and nothing to complain about.


On the memory side of things, I was very easily able to push the clocks up to 2600MHz at 1.60v. RAM used was Samsung 30nm RAM(stock 1600MHz @1.35v).


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