Asus Maximus VII Gene Z97 Motherboard Review


Asus’s implementation of the UEFI BIOS gives a good mix of simplicity and fine control. EZ mode keeps things simple and to the point and gives you a dashboard of all the system essentials.


Some auto overclocking with EZ tuning, its a simple 4 step process.

rajan1311 tweaker

Q-Fan is another really great feature. The board basically has a full featured fan controller, so you can now control the speed of fans hooked to the board, even create and manage profiles. I love this feature, as my current system is extremely loud and even when idling, I got no way of reducing the noise. It does NOT require expensive fans and will work on even normal chassis fans. The board has 5 fan headers (including CPU fan headers), so that should be sufficient for most users.



Looking into more advanced settings, we have the extreme tweaker, where you will find all the overclocking options. You can either use any of the overclocking presets provided or manually tweak all settings There is another menu called Tweaker’s Paradise, which has some more voltage controls, one I dont recall seeing on older Asus boards. You then got the DIGI+ power menu, where you have all the power delivery controls.




Over to the advanced tab, you find options to control various system settings. CPU power options, storage settings, on-board device settings and even ROG lighting options can be found here.


Heading over to monitoring, we can monitor various system voltages, temperatures and fan speed.




In the tools tab, we can find various utilities such as EZ Fash 2 and Secure Erase. EZ Flash 2 is a BIOS update tool and lets you update even without a CPU installed (life saver when your BIOS turns out to be incompatible with the processor). Secure erase lets you easily clean/format your SSD.

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