ASUS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

[section_title title=P7 : Benchmark – Starcraft 2]


Starcraft 2 :


A sequel to a very successful game,Starcraft 2 sold more than 1.5 million copies in the first 2 days of release and is the most successful strategy game out there. This is is the effect of not only a great story line and multiplayer experience, but also some pretty neat looking graphics. You need to have a fairly beefy system to run this game at all high settings. There is no in game benchmark for this, so I took a replay of one of my games. Its a 2v2 game with all 4 players with 200+ units.






Some odd results here, overclocking showed a negative effect. Not sure why, but these results were consistent over various runs. Anyways, the performance is sufficient to run the game and the AMD card has clear advantage in this one. Again, we see a pretty significant performance boost when switching to newer drivers.

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