ASUS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

[section_title title=P5 : Benchmark – Battlefield 3]


Battlefield 3 :


Battlefield 3(aka BF3) is a really popular first person shooter. Its known to be a very GPU intensive game and hence it has been included in our benchmark list. The game does not come with its own benchmark, so had had to use a cut scene in the game. This scene is definitely not the most GPU intensive sequence in the game, but it should still give a decent idea on relative performance. So here are the performance figures(Note : All in game settings were set to maximum) :



The Catalyst 12.11 drives (latest when I did the benchmarks) give a pretty noticeable performance boost. On an average we get an 6% improvement over older drivers. The overclocking provides another significant improvement of 18% which bring it on par with the GTX 660.


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