ASUS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

[section_title title=P4 : Overclocking]

Overclocking :


So before we look at the benchmark results, lets see how this card overclocks. In all the benchmarks, the overclocked results have been included so you can see what kind of real world gains are seen. For overclocking, I used the MSI afterburner overclocking utility.

It was a pleasure overclocking this card, it just kept on going. I ended up hitting the limit of the overclocking utility and no over voltage was required!  Here is the GPU-Z screenshot verifying the same.


Thats around 20% overclock on both the core clock and the memory. I am 100% I could have gone even higher, but even this overclock is a pretty good one.

Temperatures on the card were nothing to worry about. Overclocking did increase the temperature slightly, but nothing significant.

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