ASUS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

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Closer Look :


Since this is not really a review sample sent by the company, I don’t have the box and bundle that usually comes with it. This card is the Asus HD 7850 DirectCu II and should be readily available in stores. The card itself is pretty short (measures 8″) but the cooler is much longer and protrudes out of the card. The cooler measures 10.5″, so make sure you have that space in your cabinet before you buy the card.It comes with a 6 pin power extension, which makes it much easier to hook up. Without it, it would have be much harder to connect due to the shorter PCB length.





As said before, the cooler is pretty large and takes up 2 slots. It does a good job, the idle temperatures are just 35c (25c ambient) and under full load, the temperature rises to about 74c. At all times, the fans stay pretty silent and the card is barely audible.



The card comes with enough display options. It has a DVI out, one HDMI out and 2 mini Display ports. If you need VGA, there is a DVI-VGA adapter bundled with the card.

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