ASUS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

[section_title title=P11 : Benchmark – Farcry 3]


Farcry 3:


One of the most graphic intensive games in the market, Farcry 3 has a very beautiful gameplay environment and a decent story as well, so you should enjoy playing the game. You really need a good system to play this game with the highest settings, hence I used 2 slightly different settings to play this one. All in game settings were set to maximum, only change was the AA, I used 2x and 8x settings to play the game. The is no built in benchmark, hence I had to recreate a scene manually to benchmark this. Note that this scene was not the most intensive in the game, but should give a decent idea on relative performance.






On max settings :






In both scenarios, we see minor gains with the new driver and overclocking. Performance of both cards was relatively poor with average frames around 30fps (or below), but the GTX 660 has a clear advantage.

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