ASUS HD 7850 2GB Graphics Card Review

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Introduction :


The AMD HD 7850 has been around for some time now, but it is still a pretty good graphics card. With the launch of Nvidia’s GTX 660 series cards, the HD 7850 has become more affordable than before. But does it make sense buying the card now? How has the performance increase over time with newer drivers? In today’s review, we will answer these questions while briefly talking about our sample card, the Asus HD 7850 DirectCu II graphics card.

 A bit about the HD 7850 :

The card is based on the “Pitcairn” GPU and has 1024 stream processors. It was released in the month of march, 2012 and carried a launch price of $250. Since then, a lot has changed. It has received several price cuts (now it can be found for under $200), got many driver updates and has newer competition – Nvidia GTX 660. On our forums, there has been a repeated discussion on which card is better, initially it seemed like the GTX 660 was the winner, but many claimed that recent AMD driver upgrades has got it back into the game. So how did the driver upgrades help? We will look at just that in this review, where we compare the 12.8 catalyst driver suit to the 12.11 catalyst beta drivers.


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