Asus GTX 760 DirectCU II OC Review

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Overclocking :

So before we look at the benchmark results, lets see how this card overclocks. In all the benchmarks, the overclocked results have been included so you can see what kind of real world gains are seen. For overclocking, I used the EVGA Precision X utility. I cranked up the power limit to 105%, which was the maximum allowed, to obtain these results. I left all other settings to auto.

GTX 760 OC


So that’s around 125MHz more on the core and around 235MHz on the memory. Both are fairly healthy overclocks. I had managed 140+Mhz on the core and 250+MHz on the memory as well, but when I benchmarked Fq 2013, the benchmark would always crash. Hence these are the settings I ran the overclocked tests at, as always, your results might differ.

Noise and Temperatures :

The card is fairly silent and remains pretty cool. At idle, the temperature was just 34C and even at load, it was at a fairly comfortable 67C. Even after overclocking, the temperatures were at a comfortable 71C. The fan sped up to 70% at this time and was not too noisy.

gtx 760 asus temp



The load temperatures were the peak temperatures in about 30 minutes of gaming. They are slightly high, but nothing to worry about at all.

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