Asus GTX 680 DirectCu II Top Graphics Card Review

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Overclocking :

So before we look at the benchmark results, lets see how this card overclocks. In all the benchmarks, the overclocked results have been included so you can see what kind of real world gains are seen. For overclocking, I used the EVGA Precision X utility. I cranked up the power limit to 159% to obtain these results.

The card already comes with a fairly large overclock, so I was not expecting huge results here.

GTX 680 OC



So that’s a 70MHz overclock on the core and about 175MHz on the memory. As expected, its not huge, but if you compare it to a stock GTX 680, that’s almost a 20% overclock, which is amazing. Note that the boost clock is 1272MHz, but in our testing, I found that most of the time the card was running at 1302MHz, which is well above the boost clock. I did tweak the GPU voltage a little bit, but got no real results. To really get maximum results, you might want to tinker with it a little more. With these settings, running the BF3 benchmark, we saw some minor gains :


Noise and Temperatures :

The card is fairly silent. I could faintly hear a hum, but it was really faint. When I increased the fan speed manually, the fans became audible only above 60% fan speed. On auto settings, the fans doesn’t spin up to those speeds.




The load temperatures were the peak temperatures in about 30 minutes of gaming. They are slightly high, but nothing to worry about at all.

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