Asus GTX 680 DirectCu II Top Graphics Card Review

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A Closer look :

Now lets take a closer look at the card itself. The card is one of the longest I have seen, measuring in at 12″, it is slightly longer than event the reference GTX 680. The card has a beefy triple slot cooler which really does its job well. Under the hood, the cooler consists of 5 copper heat pipes which are in direct contact with the GPU. The heat pipes are connected to multiple stages of aluminium fins for heat dissipation. The 2 fans run really silent, all in all, its easily the bigger cooler I have seen on any graphics card, Asus have really outdone themselves !


 Asus has provided 2 DVI , one display port and one HDMI output port on this card, its pretty much all a user could ask for.


The card uses a 8+2 phase Digi+ digital PWM design for delivering power to the GPU. These components too are covered by a secondary heat spreader. For power, the card requires an 8pin + 6pin power connector.



On the back, Asus has given a lovely backplate, which further improves heat dissipation and cooling.


There are many cutouts in the back plate, but there is one that is very interesting. Asus provides a feature called VGA hotwire terminal, which allows you to directly monitor the core, memory and PLL voltage.


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