Asus GTX 680 DirectCu II Top Graphics Card Review

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The Verdict :

So at a price of around Rs34,000, it definitely is not within everyone’s budget. But for people in the market who can afford it, even after an year of launch, I would definitely say its worth a look. The card really does try to set itself apart from the other GTX 680s in the market and I think it does a good job at it. Its got one of the largest coolers I have ever seen, which not only gives it good thermal performance, but also allows for a lower acoustic footprint . ¬†For enthusiasts, VGA hotwire really allow them to monitor every minor voltage tweak with precision, which could prove vital. The cons however, are the slightly small overclocking headroom (but then, it really depends on your sample, and with more time and experience, I could have tweaked out a little more) and the fact that a triple slot cooler might not go well with all and might even limit your future expansion options, so be careful. Overall, I would rate this card an 8/10 and one every enthusiast who can afford it, should take a good look at.


GTX 680 preview

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