ASRock Z77E-ITX Motherboard Review

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Overclocking :

Since this board has a Z77 chipset, it does support overclocking. It comes with a 8+4 phase power design with digital control,so it should lead to more accurate voltage and current control. Before you go ahead reading, I have to tell that my Core i5 2500k has undergone massive degradation. When I initially got this board, I had achieved 5200MHz at 1.49v (no screenshot) . But now I was not able to replicate that overclock. I could only manage a 4600MHz clock at 1.28v.

 ASRock-Z77e-ITX OC

As for BCLK overclocking, this board performed pretty well and I managed to get 108MHz BCLK.

This board is meant for some casual overclocking, no records will be set on it. The LLC settings performed rather poorly. All settings gave a pretty significant overvoltage during load. With the fixed core voltage set in the BIOS at 1.28v, under load and at a level 5 LLC setting (maximum drop), the voltage reported was 1.296v. When using level 1, it goes to 1.30x volts,but was a far more stable voltage(no fluctuation during load, good thing!). So I kept the voltages slightly lower in the BIOS to counter this effect.

Overclocking with offset was rather scary, with a +0.005 setting i was reported voltages of 1.372v, which is pretty high. Going in the negative route. with around -0.05 the reported voltage was around 1.34v on load, with lower settings it failed to boot.

The memory overclocking options were sufficient, but far less timings were available. Its not really a bad thing, you won’t change those other settings anyways, whatever that is required is there. Overall, comparing it to other Asus boards with Digi+ VRM, the options available on this board are far less.

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